30 May 2008

A busy June and back in July with climate

I'll be off-net in June. Not that I couldn't connect if I decided to, but I'll be travelling and I believe in enjoying the places I go to. Blogging, I can do anywhere. Walking up Notre Dame and the Great Wall of China, on the other hand, are special and deserve attention. So I'm back in July, perhaps with pictures on the blog.

When I do get back, I'll be putting up several notes in response to Dave's thoughtful questions (comment on my ocean introduction note) regarding climate. Several, because he has several different questions, and I think they warrant individual consideration and discussion from ... well, at least him and me. If we can get additional considered views, or questions from folks who'd like to know more, that'll be good. If you already have contributions to make, go ahead; I'll see them when I get back. Just be prepared that it'll be a month before they show up.

Happy trails!

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