12 January 2010

Sharing source

What do my gentle readers think would be the best way for me to share some source code?  I was doing some cleaning up of my files over the weekend, focusing on things from graduate school days.  I'd like to put the codes out in 'public', and if people find them worth making improvements to, I'd be happy to have those come back in.  Or at least, I'd like to put them out there so that people who'd like to check my work could come pull down my source and compile and go.  For the barebones later part, I could always put it up on my personal web site as a tar file.  But I'm thinking that something like sourceforge would be a good idea for more general use.  The codes I'm particularly thinking of are those for harmonic analysis of time series, and some lightweight statistics.  It's more by way of a library than any free-standing programs.

What say you?


brorfred@gmail.com said...

I'm in the same position and think the best combination of simplicity, functionality, crud, and lack of obnoxious adds is Google Code: http://code.google.com

It seems like the cool kids are using github today, but thats way to much to mess with for me, especially since I'm not using git. Sourceforge was great at one point, but I really don't like the layout of the site, or how things are organized nowdays.


carrot eater said...

What's the motivation? Do you think it will lead to helpful suggestions? Is it intended more as an educational resource for the readers? Or are you feeling left out of the dramas over code availability?

While I reproduce some of the simple calculations in your posts, I'm unlikely to spend time on source code.

Alastair said...

How about starting your own wiki?

William M. Connolley said...

code.google.com sounds good.

Michael Tobis said...

+1 Google code, especially for small open source projects.