04 April 2009

New blogs on roll

In several cases, I'm surprised that they're not already on the blogroll, my apologies folks.

Newly-added are:
Bad Astronomy (Phil Plait)
Old man in a cave (Fergus Brown)
Hot Topic -- Global Warming and the Future of New Zealand
Die Klimakrise (in German / auf Deutsch)
Rust Never Sleeps
Stoat (William Connolley)

Farther afield, I'll mention
Greg Laden's Blog

Plus, it'd be a help if someone could explain how to set up Digg links easily, and preferably, automatically. According to sitemeter, a fair number of folks are finding this blog by that route. I'd as soon make it easier. Similarly reddit. Explanations of technorati also welcome.


hsalazar said...

Take a look at the introductory video by AddThis. It's clear and will let you add lots of social bookmark links for your blog.


Penguindreams said...

Thanks! Easy to set up and now in place.