29 February 2012

AMS feeds for scientific articles and a sampling

Very few scientific articles get any splash in the media, even those parts which pay some attention to science.  Readers then can build a mistaken impression that there are only a few scientists, a few dozen, tops, working in any given area. 

The American Meteorological Society is one of very many professional societies which publish scientific journals.  They also have RSS feeds for their journals, and a relatively open access policy to their older (than 2 years) articles.  Below is a biased sampling (the bias being that I'm interested in these articles and will be pulling them down at work) of recent articles.  There's quite a lot more going on than you're liable to hear of in media, by quite a few more people than you'll ever hear of. 

Some of the papers will probably inspire a need to make use of my guide to science jabberwocky.  That's not a knock on the papers, just a reminder that fields do develop vocabularies to ensure that the professionals all know what each other means.

If you are fairly good with your technique, you can set up your own double-diffusive staircases.  (The first paper discusses observations in nature of the effect.)