What is Climate?

In many of the debates about climate and climate change, the debaters are often not talking about climate.  Rather, they're talking about weather.  A few cold days here, or a few warm days there, are not climate.  Once you get past that point, however, it isn't always easy to decide whether you're looking at a climate statistic, or something that's largely weather.  In the notes below, I take some looks at how we can decide what climate is (say how long it takes to have a climate trend in global temperature, or sea level) versus losing ourselves in the weeds of weather effects.

What is Sea Level's Climate Time Scale?

How to Find Climate Normals
Results on Deciding Trends in Temperatures
How to Decide Climate Trends in Temperatures

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What is Climate? (1)

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John said...

The climate change is real even if some people say that the global warming is only a hoax.
They think that if now we have snow, blizzard and very cold temperature in the northeast part of the U.S. it means that climate change and especially global warming is not real and it is only in the mind of the scientist that need government funding.
Well, that is not quite accurate, climate change is a result of our activities which produce CO2 emission.
Read here a few tips about how to stop the climate change in 2015 http://www.alternative-energies.net/a-few-solutions-to-fight-climate-change-in-2015/ and you will understand that this is a global issue that must be solved by all of us.