20 January 2011

Help save data

You've noticed by now the frequent pleas from people studying climate for more data, particularly from the past; here's your chance to help: Data Rescue at Home is working to retrieve hand-written climate records to make them useful for modern science.  The catch being exactly the fact that they are hand-written.  It is best to have a person looking at the writing to decide whether that squiggle is a 9 or 7 (to name one that confuses others who try to read my writing).  You can be that person.

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Hank Roberts said...

_Great_ link.

Without registering, you can be given a page from a notebook and an empty table already line-numbered, and do the page in a minute or two.

More options for those who register.

Heck, assuming they do cross-checks, this could replace ReCAptcha (grin). Time to reconsider your draft posting _and_ do something useful.