24 January 2011

Whiteboard on the end of global warming

The Whiteboard also has a series (now looks to be finished) on whether global warming has 'stopped'.  That's what prompted the series I linked to last week.  The question is pursued statistically, following the lead of Tamino at Open Mind.  The brief summary of the series is 'no'.  But it is well worth looking in to the series for the how and why we can say this, and how strongly we can say it.

Did Global Warming Stop After 1998?
Did Global Warming Stop After 2000?
Did Global Warming Stop in 1940?
Did Global Warming Stop After 2007?

For looking at the converse, global cooling:
Did Global Cooling Stop in 1970?

These are more mathematical takes than my old What cooling trend?  They come to the same conclusion, so those who'd like more math behind their conclusions can get it.  Since I did that post over a year ago, it's probably time for an update.  One of these days ...

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