11 January 2013

Looking back at blogs 1

Some of these might still be active, at least the author might be.  Please let me know the new locations if I don't have one.  If not, well, they still wrote some articles worth consideration.

Trees for the Forest
Rust Never Sleeps

Old Man in a Cave


Rationally Thinking Out Loud (new location) http://rationallythinkingoutloud.wordpress.com/ -- old location

Respectful Insolence -- The blog certainly has continued, this is the link to the new feed location.  But some good older articles on science, in particular medicine, vs. nonscience.

The Questionable Authority Old location: http://scienceblogs.com/authority/, New location: The Questionable Authority

The Middle Way (low volume, more philosophical, blog, by a friend)

Vickie's Prostitution Blog (my wife)


EliRabett said...

Yes, Eli has often wondered what happened to the old man since the Rabett is rapidly becoming one himself. Those who he thought might know didn't. Any information would be welome

Robert Grumbine said...

I am, of course, ageless, so will never be an old man. But the old man in the cave, I've tried to get hold of, and my researches haven't turned up anything.

Anonymous said...

One small update for your blogroll would be Bad Astronomy, which is now at Slate:

Robert Grumbine said...

Thanks for the reminder. Turns out, though, that the rss link is: