10 January 2013

Bits from 2012

Some items that interested me in 2012 that I never made full posts from ...

As you've no doubt heard, the 5th review from IPCC is in progress.  I passed up yet another opportunity to be an expert reviewer.

One method of getting science together is a special issue or theme issue of a scientific journal.  One that crossed my desk and I thought might be interesting to blog readers are:
  • Call for Papers – Climate Consensus: Steps Toward a Global Understanding of Climate
And, of course, educational meetings/workshops/'summer school':
  • European Earth System and Climate Modelling School sponsored by ENES
A major method (with much advertising, hence the longer list) is scientific meetings.  It sometimes seems like people think there are only 5-10 scientists in the world, or at least in any given area.  Below are some sessions at meetings from 2012.  Each session probably has something like 100 people present (anywhere from 30-300).

  • EGU 2012 - 22-27 April '12, Vienna, Austria
    • Projections of future atmospheric composition
    • Decadal, seasonal and monthly forecasts
    • Towards a full GHG (CO2, N2O and CH4) balance from the biosphere. 
    • Stochasticity and Statistical Physics in Climate Dynamics
    • Ice-sheet and climate interactions
    • Earth Radiation Budget, Radiative Forcings and Climate Change
    • Precipitation uncertainty and variability: observations, ensemble simulation and downscaling
    • Complex networks: Theory and methods applied to geophysical systems
    • Hydrogen and oxygen isotopes: From process studies to climate reconstructions
    • Climate Sensitivity
    • Geostatistics for Space-time analysis of hydrological events and environmental problems
    • Nonlinear, scaling and complex Physical and Biogeophysical Processes in the Atmosphere and Ocean
    • Modelling paleoclimates from the Cretaceous to the Holocene: learning from numerical experiments and model-data comparisons
    • Homogenization of Climate Data Series and Assessment of Variability in Climate Trends
  • ESF  conference "Modes of Variability in the Climate System: Past-Present-Future"
  • The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology and the COMBINE project are pleased to announce the 3rd International Conference on Earth System Modelling (3ICESM).  The 3rd ICESM will take place from 17-21 September 2012 in Hamburg, Germany, with the objective of advancing discourse on Earth system modelling prior to the 5th Assessment Report of the IPCC.
  • We would like to invite you to attend the first meeting of a new working group associated with NCAR's Community Earth System Model (CESM) that is focused on societal dimensions of earth system modeling. Development and application of CESM is organized into twelve working groups addressing various aspects of the model (<http://www.cesm.ucar.edu/working_groups/>). Earlier this year, the CESM Scientific Steering Committee approved the new Societal Dimensions Working Group (SDWG)
  • 4th WCRP International Conference on Reanalyses 7-11 May 2012
  • The 7th Antarctic Meteorological Observation, Modeling, and Forecasting Workshop
  • Alaska Weather Symposium
  • The CONVEX project () is investigating the skill of climate and weather models in the simulation of extreme rainfall
  • Insights to the modern and palaeo carbon cycle: an isotopic and biomarker perspective
  • Spanish Association of Climatology (AEC): Climate Change. Extremes and Impacts that will be held in Salamanca, Spain from 25-28 September 2012.
  • Antarctic Science and Policy Advice in a Changing World
  • Urban Futures for a Sustainable World
  • Call for Abstracts: The 69^th annual meeting of the Eastern Snow Conference
  • Climate Change and Extreme Events
  • Uncertainty in Climate Change Research: An Integrated Approach
  • Seasonal to decadal climate predictability and prediction
  • Climate Informatics 2012: The Second International Workshop on Climate Informatics
  • AGU Fall Meeting
    • Observational Needs for Polar Climate Modeling
    • Climate 2.0: Usable Science for Society
    • Links Between Rapid Arctic Change and Mid-Latitude Weather Patterns
    • Quantifying Heterogeneity of Landscapes and Ecosystems in Earth System Models
    • When Winter Changes: Hydrological, Ecological, and Biogeochemical Responses
    • The Cryosphere and Seasonal to Decadal Prediction
    • Large-Scale Data Analytics in Earth System Science
    • The International Polar Initiative
  • Abrupt Changes and Extreme Events - Assessment and Risks
  • Arctic Hydrology in a Changing Climate (2013)
  • First Conference of the International Society for Atmospheric Research using Remotely Piloted Aircraft
 And, again, these are a modest subset of those I got email regarding, and happened to save for blog purposes.  The AGU fall meeting has something like 10,000 scientists, discussing everything from mineralogy of volcanoes to aurorae to climate to fossils.  I expect the EGU meeting is similar in size and scope.  (AGU = American Geophysical Union, EGU = European Geophysical Union).

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