01 April 2008

Starting notes

I'm getting started in the blog world, so suggestions are welcome for topics. In addition to my professional areas, I've also done things like science fair judging so might have some ideas there too.

A word about the address of the blog -- moregrumbinescience.blogspot.com. The thing is, my sister beat me in setting up her blog, grumbinescience.blogspot.com. Hers is focused on her jr. high science class. I expect to be covering more levels of science and more general than a particular class. On the other hand, if you're one of her students, you can still post a question or comment here! (I was in class last fall.)

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Robert Grumbine said...

A word about comments: Since I'm planning on this blog being usable by jr. high students as well as interested laymen, there is comment moderation in place. Mostly, I'll be looking for language being reasonable. Since it's science oriented, I'll also be taking a look that comments are more science than politics or religion.