28 July 2008

The Youthful and Damp Dr. Grumbine

A couple of funnies from the last couple days. Yesterday, I was carded in a restaurant when I ordered a beer. Not only am I over 21, but my first paper is as well. :-) Then today I went out to try rowing (scull, not a regular rowboat). Well, the instructor, Cindy Cole http://www.washingtonrowingschool.com/ was good. My wife had been taking lessons for most of the last year (they take the winter off) and, while unsatisfied with how well she was doing (not a teacher issue) was happy about the fact that she had never fallen in to the water. So today I went out to try it, and first time out fell in. This is a rare thing, I'll note. Takes a special level of skill to manage it as only 2 other people have managed it while Cindy's been running the school. I blame the egrets, of which there are many. If you're in the area and have ever wondered about rowing, do come in. I'll be back out Saturday morning, so beware.


Anonymous said...

I heard on the radio a couple of days ago that WA governor Christine Gregoire was refused entry to a bar since she had no i.d. and so could not prove she was over 21. She's 61.

FYI in case you don't already know, recovering sea ice modeler William Connolley is also a rower and sometimes blogs about it, quite a lot just now since it's the season.

Anonymous said...

"As for egrets, I've had a few,
but then again, too few to mention.
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption."