03 January 2009

A running start on the new year

For someone who calls himself a runner, I didn't do much running in 2008. So for 2009, I made sure to get a running start on the year, and ran my club's Great Lengths race -- 2009 fathoms. (There was also a 2009 rods race, but that's more than I can do for a while yet.) The 2009 fathoms is a bit less than 4 km, (1 fathom = 6 feet, 1 rod = 16.5 feet). But I got out and enjoyed the race and nice, if chilly (near freezing) day.

The Great Lengths race is one I started with the club (Prince George's Running Club) back in 2002 or 2003. A chance to run an unusual distance and to get a start on resolutions, or just get a fitness check (the rods race is almost exactly 10 km). It has since been passed on to Bill Radcliffe and Don Proctor, who organize an extremely good, fun race regardless of the weather (downpour one year, near freezing this year, rather pleasant once, ...)

Alas, my post back in August was near a then-peak in my running. November I came down with a bad cold and that toasted my running 'til the end of December.

Still, those of you looking at New Year's resolutions can take a look at that old post for a guide on how to get in to running. It has worked for people who are 40-50 years out from their last time exercising. Do, of course, clear these ideas with your doctor, particularly if you're older (than 40), and weigh more (than 10% over a healthy weight for you).

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