09 March 2009

Question place 5

Time to put out another shingle for questions. Note that this includes suggestions of papers I might read or comment on (like Steve's), questions for projects you have in mind (such as Bart's recent one), or whatever else comes to mind. Usual comment rules apply of course.

aside: I really will be getting to a summary of the graphing software you all suggested some time back. Been doing other things, including some home improvement. Fortunately, that project is finishing up.

Back to the main: A different part is, if you have what you think are 'stupid' questions, ask anyhow. You can do it anonymously (I permit anonymous comments). If the question is one to help improve your understanding science, or some particular part of science, it's a good one. Have at it. As I'm trying to reach to middle-school students, I realize this includes a pretty broad range of question.

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