28 August 2009

Catching up

Catching up with posts, comments, and things in general since coming back from vacation.

New comments in:
What is scientific literacy?

Summary 1 of Simplest Climate Model

John Mashey: Now that I'm back, any time you're ready to send or post about your K-scale, I'm ready to look or post.

From the trip: Mountain goats keeping cool on some remnant snow/ice at Logan Pass. The rise is a glacial moraine -- bunches of junk, mostly loose rock, the glacier had pushed out ahead when it was larger.


TheChemistryOfBeer said...

Joe Romm posted a funny cartoon on ClimateProgress that you should appreciate.

John Mashey said...

Fairly soon.

Horatio Algeranon said...

I assume that's "Logan Pass" in Glacier National Park.

What an incredible place.

Horatio spent a few days there in 1984 and again in 2005 (just about this time of year). Did some great day hikes Highline trail from Logan pass to Granite Park Chalet and Mt Siyeh trail

Sad that all the glaciers will probably be gone from the park in the not too distant future.

Might have to drop "Glacier" from the name and just make it "Waterton International Peace Park" (certainly is a "ton of water" there -- and even more after all the glaciers melt!)

Jill said...

Logan Pass is fairly near Piegan Glacier. Did you get to see that glacier? Given the very warm weather across the Pacific Northwest snowpack was certainly less than normal. Our measurements of glacier mass balance this year in the North Cascades indicated the highest melt rate we have observed in July in 26 years.NCGCP 2009
However, the mountain goat population we keep track of has steadily risen to a new record of 118. NCGCP goats