29 November 2009

Last call for submissions

The deadline for submissions to the Openlab 2009 is midnight EST, 1 December.  This is aimed at being a collection of the best blogging from 1 December 2008 through 30 November 2009.  Use this submission form to submit your favorites (from here and elsewhere). The current summary of submitted articles is at Blog Around the Clock. Two of mine, Science Jabberwocky, and Results on Deciding Trends, are already submitted. If there's something else you like as well or better, time to submit them. If those are your favorites from here, no need to do anything.

Though it would probably help my odds if you didn't submit others' articles, I see there are several quite good articles from other blogs that haven't been submitted. I'll be doing some of that submission myself, and I encourage you to do so as well. I'd just like to make coturnix's (the editor) job as hard as reasonably possible :-) -- give him a lot of excellent articles to consider.

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