18 March 2010

Climate in many languages

Science is so much an international activity, I tend not to think about where exactly people are from. For that matter, many are 'from' parts of the world that they're not working in. Prompted by a recent email, I've added the language that blogs on my blogroll are in, so that you're not surprised to see Swedish when you go to Emretsson.net, for instance. In that vein, please let me know what language Stig's Klimablogg is in.

While I'm thinking about it, let me also invite your suggestions as to good science, particularly climate-connected, blogs outside of English. Please mention the language and what makes it good.


Paul Daniel Ash said...

googletrans says it's Norwegian.

Thomas Palm said...

Yes, it is Norwegian, which means people who know Sweidsh and Danish can read it with some difficulty. On the other hand it hasn't been updated for half a year.

I can recommend AGW observer as well. It's from Finland but written in English.

Ferran said...

Please let me publicize myself with my work in Spanish language from Barcelona. The blog, very well documented with references, is intended to show the denial machine, upgrade the public standing of science and help communicators to deal with the urgency of the climate change issue, while trying to mobilize the people.

I also have an agreement with John Cook from Skepticalscience.com to translate some of their posts into Spanish.


Thanks for the opportunity.

Ferran P. Vilar