07 May 2010

Still kicking

Didn't mean to disappear and no, no problems were involved.  Just doing other things and didn't realize how much time was passing here.  One of those other things was making progress on my running.  Last week I reached 30 minutes straight running, having started with 1 minute run 1 minute walk in February.  Well, starting with physical therapy in January.

There are quite a few comments in the queue.  If you haven't seen yours, it should be coming up soon(ish).  Keep an eye at the 'most recent comments' section at the bottom. 

One of the things that brought my attention back to the blogosphere was an email from Coby Beck, who had mentioned my Does CO2 correlate with temperature?.  There was an interesting (to me at least) question from 'maxwell' which gave me the opportunity to mention a blog post a commentor to my article had made, and a professional article: David J. Thomson's Dependence of global temperatures on atmospheric CO2 and solar irradiance, PNAS, 94, 8370-8377, 1997.  My examination was intentionally pretty simple.  See Thomson for what it looks like when done professionally.  You might enjoy some of the comments in the thread at Coby's.  And, if you haven't already been doing so, take a look at his blog.


sylas said...

Welcome back! It's good to see this blog project continuing.

coby said...

Thanks, Bob, and thanks for raising the quality of the discussion at my place!

Looking forward to your continued postings.