05 November 2010

Young scientists

In Knight anoles, you got to see part of the reason I made one of my goals for this blog to be inclusive of middle school students.  They can be quite interesting to listen to about science, and can learn quite a lot of it themselves.  Biased as I am in being a father and uncle, I still believe that kids other than mine can match, or at least approach :-) mine.

So I'll mention that if you're a teacher, parent, or a student yourself, and your kid/you write up a science essay, you're welcome to submit it here for consideration.  I'll look for the essay to teach me something about the science, and to show the love of learning about your topic that Kristen showed for hers.  As you might guess from my usual topics being climate and ice, but this note of Kristen's being lizards, you're not limited to my professional areas. 

There will be details to work out, maybe later we'd want to establish it independently of this blog.  But think of it as something in the vein of Journal of Young Scientists.  A chance to share your love of your topic with others.  You can send to me at bobg at radix dot net.  We'll play things by ear.  I've created the tag 'young scientists' and retro-applied it to Kristen's (first! :-) note.

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