25 February 2013

Buy my son's book

My son (step son to be technical) is now published in book form. The first of, I expect, many. _The Machine: A Field Guide to the Resurgent Right_, Lee Fang. It is available on Amazon. The publisher is www.thenewpress.com

In keeping with my blog, this is a research book. For Lee, that means research on money and messaging in politics. The text is good and readable. And there are plenty of citations to support the points in the text. As always, follow the citations.

Another point for the book is that in several cases, Lee is the one who did the original research. One of the more amusing parts is that some of that research, an interview with one of the Koch brothers, was played as part of an episode the Newsroom.

So yes, buy my sons book. But do so because it is well-researched and will shed much light on how US politics is now run.

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jre said...

I have it.
I'm reading it.
I'll review it after I'm done.
Thanks for the tip!