24 June 2014

Ice Science Cafe

This Thursday (June 26th) I'll be talking about ice, and, better, yet, answering questions about ice at the Annapolis Cafe Scientifique.  The time will 6:30 PM.  Same location as usual -- Cafe 49 West.  Local folks are invited, and non-local are welcome to pose questions here. 
I'll also invite folks to suggest topics for me to prepare for.  My sources of information on sea ice are pretty different than my audience's, so it's hard for me to tell what people have been hearing about.

Our Sea Ice Outlook guesses this year are wildly different -- 4.8 million km^2 and 6.3 million km^2.  The former is above the median of contributions.  The latter is the highest of all, even higher than from Watts and company.  We have a third, unpublished, guess in between the two.  I need to check out a couple of things before writing it up.  Given the spread we're encountering ourselves, I think we're going to learn a lot this year.


EliRabett said...

How did it go?

Robert Grumbine said...

As usual, the Science Cafe was great. Full house, and lots of questions and discussion.

Per the current twitter tempest, face to face venues are much better than cesspool comment blogs for discussion. Not as many skeptics (no " ", real skeptics, not pseudos) this time as last time. But real skeptics are easy. They want evidence, I provide it; we discuss it to see that I've answered the real question, and that the evidence holds up. No problem.

Side matter is that several in the audience are scientists, and I'll be following up with one for possible professional collaboration.