23 August 2008


Some sites whose interests are close enough to mine that they are linking here. My apologies to the folks whose language I was guessing at if I guessed wrong. Please, someone who knows any of those languages, have a look and let me know the correct language. Also, if I'm missing places, please do send a comment.

atmoz.org/blog Climate and Weather Explained -- See especially the oblate spheroid edition of the simplest climate model
www.emretsson.net/ (Swedish)
scienceblogs.com/clock/ A Blog Around the Clock
tamino.wordpress.com/ Open Mind
koillinen.wordpress.com/ (Finnish?)
thingsbreak.wordpress.com/ The Way Things Break
chriscolose.wordpress.com/ Climate Change
simondonner.blogspot.com/ Maribo
rabett.blogspot.com/ Rabett Run
scienceblogs.com/deltoid/ Deltoid

[Update 2 Sept 2008]: See also


Anonymous said...

I'd definitely include what I believe to be the best climate-science blog on the net: Realclimate


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm swedish. And I'm a big fan.

Robert Grumbine said...

Thanks Anders. Suggestions on how to make the blog friendlier to non-native English speakers are welcome, either here or at plutarchspam at aim dot com.

jules said...

I don't think you need to do extra efforts to make the blog friendlier to non-native English speakers. I have no problems at all understanding what you're writing.

If i would have one comment on your blog, it would be a lay-out thing : i think the column width of your text is rather small. It would be easier to read (at least for me) if you put it a bit wider. Due to poor eyesight, i have to enlarge the letters, and there's not much words left on one line if you do ...

But, this of course is just a detail (i can copy the text to word and read it there ...)

Robert Grumbine said...

Jules, I've tried widening it. How is it now? I'm trying to keep the window under 768, as it seems that a fair number of folks are using that size. But we're a lot closer than before.

Anonymous said...

I'm honored to be mentioned here among those great names and blogs, in this great blog! Will try to be more active in the future. And you guessed correctly - it's in Norwegian.

Anonymous said...

You're doing just fine language-wise. Just keep being science-minded and inclusive of non-professionals, and I'll keep reading and sharing (Google Reader) your stuff.