02 December 2010

Evolving Thoughts

For a more philosophical take on science, and leaning to biology rather than climate for examples, you should take a look at John Wilkins' Evolving Thoughts.  John's a philosopher of science.  We've known each other electronically for about 20 years.

Some posts which struck me at the time to save for later:
Sausages and science (the practice of science isn't as pretty as I tend to paint)
It was 150 years ago tomorrow on the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwn's Origin.
Lazy Manager Theory (ok, aimed a bit older than I usually try, but having encountered managers, and now being one, sort of, I like this.)
Science eats its seed corn (I blog about the ideals of science; the realities are seldom as nice.)
Jorge Cham is following me (PhDcomics.com) Looks pretty much like my time line, though 350 messages in my in-box says 'weekend' more than 'vacation'.
Apes and evolution in the news
Linnaeus: The founder of databases
A code of conduct for effective rational discussion
Plagiarism, citations, and fact checking
John's own list of his better posts in 2009

 talkorigins.org (not his blog, but a site that he helps administer; it was by way of the newsgroup talk.origins that we met)

Note that here down are at his old blogging locale, you want the above for his current site and material:

What is the 'humanities'?
Early Modern Philosophy Texts for Students
Again, uncannily accurate -- actually a link to an excellent cartoon by Jorge Cham at www.phdcomics.com
How to learn about science


John S. Wilkins said...

I'm chuiffed for the recommendation, Bob.

Robert Grumbine said...

Hope you got my email about your handbook for scientists.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered adding http://blogs.chron.com/climateabyss/ to your climate blogroll?

(there was another new blog I saw recently, but, alas, I can't remember anything that will help me find it again)


Hank Roberts said...

Amen, wonderful site, good pointer. Thanks to John Wilkins from a longtime reader.

jyyh said...

Thanks for the pointer, bookmarked.