23 December 2010

Off-blog and Happy New Year

I'm going to be (even more) off-blog into the New Year.  My apologies to William, who did have some good comments over in http://moregrumbinescience.blogspot.com/2010/11/verifying-forecasts-2.html that got hung up for a couple weeks as I hadn't been checking in, and hadn't told anybody about this.  I'll be checking in today for comments and to post them, but will be back to off-blog from the 24th through 3rd of January.

Not that this is major to anybody, but I'll mention that my cast came off 2 weeks ago and I've been doing physical therapy to rehabilitate the broken wrist.  Fingers are doing pretty well, the thumb is so so, and the wrist is awful -- compared to my hopes.  All are doing ok to pretty well compared to what you might expect for someone over 20 with this kind of break.  The therapy amounts to a second job -- about 2 hours a day, every day.  That's been one of the time sinks w.r.t. getting blogging.

I hope everybody is doing well, enjoying the season, and has a happy, healthy, 2011.

1 comment:

jg said...

When you're not blogging, I feel like there's something I'm not learning.
I'm looking forward to your recovery and return.