23 October 2013

Alaska LEOS and rare Mourning Doves

I finally participated in my first LEO Webinar and had a great time.  I'll be calling in for more of them as they come up monthly.

LEO is the Local Environmental Observers program/project in Alaska.  The principle being, the people actually living in an area are the prime observers for what is going on.  This includes keeping an eye on birds, among many other things.  The title comes from the September 13, 2013 observation by Richard Kuzuguk of a Mourning Dove in Shishmaref, AK.  Very unusual up there.  I don't have that species down here, but in general, they're very common here.  (Common as in 'wake up light sleepers'.)

For an idea of the rarity of Mourning Doves in Western Alaska, take a look at the distribution map at Wikipedia.

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EliRabett said...

Is there a better way to wake up than the cooing of morning Doves. Eli and Ms. Rabett had some in the backyard, but sadly the pigeons pushed them out and we had to stop leaving food.