27 January 2014

Happy New Years's

Been away for a while, I now realize.  A longer while than expected.  So in the mean time, we've passed the winter solstice, Gregorian new year, and closest approach to the sun (perihelion), and are about to reach (January 31st) the Chinese new year.  Hope all the astronomical and other dates of interest to you have been good.

In the mean time, I've been making progress on writing at work, publishing a couple notes and finally finishing a draft of another.  That's a part of the quiet here -- looks like I can only put down so many words per day in writing.

Science reading has been mostly from the professional literature, which I'll take up in more detail article by article (with, I hope, proper flags for researchblogging.org).  What good books on science (any realm) have you read in the past year?

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