30 August 2010

Blogroll news

The updated blogroll has been in action since Satruday, but here's the note describing the newcomers.  In some cases, I've been reading the blog itself for some time.  D'Oh!

Newcomers to the blogroll:

Main focus on climate science, or some part thereof:
The Science of Doom
Neven's Arctic Sea Ice Blog
Climate Change: The Next Generation
  Climate change: The Next Generation is a different sort of blog.  Most content is pointers to the scientific literature or to science press write ups of the scientific literature.  I think this is a good way for people, particularly those who don't have major research libraries handy, to get pointers to interesting parts of the literature.

Main focus on temperature reconstruction and analysis
Moyhu (Nick Stokes)
The Whiteboard (Ron Broberg) [Updated to include]
Clear Climate Code
  (This is aimed at being more general than just temperature reconstruction and analysis, eventually, but at the moment still seems to be mostly this.)

Main focus on the computer science of climate science
Serendipity (Steve Easterbrook)

Sui Generis
  The author, at least when she started, was a high school student taking an interest in learning about climate science.  If I remember correctly, she's starting university about now.  Articles tend to be about her wrestling to understand the science, and her wading through the nonscience to get there.

Suggestion that I'll invite further comment regarding:
The Green Grok
  This one didn't strike me as 'of course it should be here'.  It looks good, but the goals don't seem to align as well with mine.  I invite the comment (see also my response below to Carrot eater's previous comment) so you all can let me know why you do or don't think it would be a good addition here.  That's a different issue than whether it's a good blog.

Some comments to the previous note :

Carrot: If I ask an opinion question, then your opinion, and everyone else's, certainly does count.  It's also helpful to me to know why folks agree or disagree -- with me, or with each other.  I agree with you that irregular is fine for my blogroll, for the same reason you give.  Of course the final opinion that counts for making blunders in blog management here is mine.  Still, sometimes y'all can steer me away from some of the worst blunders.

S2: I've sent Fergus some email over the past year and heard nothing back.  Don't know if he's just left the blogosphere or what.  I do know that the author of evenmoregrumbinescience is ok, just doing other things.

M: There turn out to be multiple whiteboard blogs, and I'm not sure which one you mean.


carrot eater said...

This is the Whiteboard you are looking for


It came into being because Gavin posted a comment at RealClimate that citizen scientists could perform a real service if they converted additional weather station data (SYNOP, METAR) into a format useful for climate studies. Ron at the Whiteboard took him up on it, and a few months later, he's made good progress.

As you've noticed, a lot of the new blogs are focused on building spatially averaged temperature anomalies from the station data. I think this is because many of these bloggers have a background in computer science, and not physics. It turns out, this is a niche where the programmers can have a very substantial impact. With the tools they have, everybody can play some role. As discussed at a previous Grumbine post, climate is a very multi-disciplinary field. No one person can understand everything.

Robert Grumbine said...

Have to watch out for that Grumbine character; sometimes he says things I have to pay attention to. Worse, sometimes they involve work.

Thanks for the link, I've added the whiteboard (and updated the article).

I've been working on some thoughts for how people can contribute to the field, taking the voluntary observer programs and the American Association of Variable Star Observers as sources. Will have to start blogging up some of it.

warmcast said...

I like the Science of Doom blog, that's a new one to add to my list.

carrot eater said...

Speaking of housekeeping, is there a way to get the recent comments further up the page? It's pretty far down there.

Anonymous said...


Penguindreams, you've got a nice collection of blogs listed - some with which I'm familiar, others are new to me.

But one I'm astonished you don't have - yet! - is http://climateprogress.org/

Kindest regards,


Robert Grumbine said...

I've recently pulled down the template and will be experimenting so as to get the comments somewhere towards a visible locale.

I guess the surprise should be a little muted. You notice that nobody else suggested it. And that climateprogress doesn't link here. The thing is, climateprogress is mainly aimed at the political side of things, while I'm looking to the science/educational end. Different purposes, hence the mutual non-listing.