31 August 2010

Sea ice on the blogs

Always a bit of a question whether I should comment elsewhere, or save my writing for here.  I've usually resolved that question in favor of making comments even though that does crimp my writing time for here.  Most recently, or at least most recently at length, I was visiting the Stoat's burrow.  The topic at hand is the Antarctic sea ice that I was writing about back in March WUWT trumpets result supporting climate modeling.

William has a follow up post today.  I'll probably be commenting there, or maybe taking up a point here soon.

No comment there from me, but also a recent post/show about Arctic sea ice cover Arctic Sea Ice is Just Fine.  Of course it isn't, and the author makes a nice presentation illustrating that it isn't.


Scruffy Dan said...

a rule of thumb I've heard on numerous occasions is to spend roughly 50% of your time commenting elsewhere and 50% of your time writing on your blog. Though I can't say I do this consistently.

Hank Roberts said...

"Arctic sea ice is next up on my list of pure science technical threads, I’ve started collecting material, but it will take a little while to pull this together."

Robert Grumbine said...

Thanks Dan. I probably vary from 100% on my blog, to 100% elsewhere. I'll see about averaging it out over time.

Hank: Hm. A month later and I don't recall Judy getting to the Arctic sea ice yet. I'll hope it shows up soon.