12 August 2010

Open Lab 2010 nominations

I have the logo on the right for nominating blog articles to the best of collection -- the Open Laboratory 2010. I'll suggest that you look back at the articles that you think are particularly good, here and elsewhere, and follow that link from the decorative logo, or this link to make your nominations. I was reminded of this because Bora Zivkovic, who does the 'Blog Around the Clock' (a title he perhaps is living out), is also the lead on that activity.

Note that, because of Bora's publication schedule, articles are eligible from December 2009 through November 2010.

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Robert Grumbine said...

While I applaud being poly-lingual, the only natural language I speak myself is English. Never thought to mention it in the comment policy, but, until I start posting in some other language, I have to ask that comments be in English.