11 August 2010

New locations for two from blogroll

Two blogs from the blogroll have moved -- A Blog Around the Clock and All My Faults are Stress-Related.

Are there other updates?  Blogs I should be adding to the roll?  Note that 'should' requires that the blog be substantially about science -- learning and doing it -- rather than ... well, quite a few other things that are otherwise.  I grant more leeway for blogs that link over here, figuring that reciprocity is good citizenship.


carrot eater said...

I like Science of Doom. It's a different style from anything else that's out there, in the climate sphere. Meticulous and boring.

Anonymous said...

I second Science of Doom.

I nominate: moyhu, treesfortheforest (fairly irregular), thegreengrok, and the clear climate blog (also irregular). And the Whiteboard.


carrot eater said...

If my opinion counts, irregular is actually OK for a list like Grumbine's, which moves things up when there's a new post.

In fact, that's how I come to know that somebody has made a post - I use Grumbine's or moyhu's dynamic list.

Anonymous said...

I could understand why you'd not want to link to it, but Neven's Arctic Sea Ice blog is good as it's an ongoing learning process for all concerned.


Anonymous said...

easterbrook's blog?

S2 said...

I would agree with Neven's blog, it's sort of addictive.

He hasn't made up his mind as to whether he'll keep it running after this year's minimum, though.

S2 said...

I'm not sure what has happened to Old Man in a Cave

It's a shame, I really liked his blog.

He hasn't posted anything since January 2009. I know he was ill in mid-2008, I hope he's alright.